Kyoto Private Guide! English Guided Tour!

Find your own Japan and Kyoto! English Guided Highlight Tour

                                                    Highlight Day 1)


Arashiyama, Kinkakuji, Kiyomizu temple/Gion area

                * Please choose Kinkakuji, Ryoanji or Nijo castle as optional site in the afternoon.



Arashiyama in the morning


Hozu Riverside









Located in the westside of Kyoto, just 20mins away from the central city by city bus and train, you will find you're in the middle of the cozy, relaxing natural scenery. What a spectacular view of  the mountain and riverside. You will be really impressed with such a comfortable and  local atmospher!

                                                                                                                                                 Enjoy refreshing your whole body in such a great nature. If you love peace, tranquility, and natural beauty, you can't miss Arashiyama!


Tenryu-ji Temple and Bamboo street        

Main hall of Tenryuji

 Sogenchi Stroll-type Garden



Bamboo Forests Stroll 

Togetsu Bridge Viewing

Enjoy refreshing while walking through such a breathtaking bamboo street. 

Peaceful and exotic walkig path. These scenes are symbol of Arashiyama area.          





● Noodle like Udon or Soba with various topping like vegetable, Shrimp tempura

● Rice Bowl like Katsudon (pork) or Oyakodon (chiken and cooked egg)

● Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) 




 Optional Site in the afternoon       


 Between Arashiyama and Kiyomizu temple, we can visit either of place below. Please choose the site where you'd like to visit below as options.              


RYOANJI TEMPLE : World famous Zen rock garden                                             

KINKAKUJI TEMPLE : (GOLDEN PAVILION)                                                        

NIJO CASTLE : (Shogun's House) Unesco World Heritage                                     



Kiyomizu Temple in the Evening


World famous “wooden verand"

● Ninei-zaka and Sannei-zaka slope                                                                 

● Yasaka Pagoda (beautiful oldest pagoda in Kyoto)                                              

● Ishibekoji (exotic stone-paved alley) and Nene's path                                            

● Yasaka Shrine (famous for Gion Festival in summer)                                           

● Gion Corner Hanami-Koji / Gion Shirakawa



Special Night Light-Up Temple Tour! 18:30-20:00 (until Dec 8th)

Meeting at the hotel lobby, Enjoy Special Autumn Night! 

Tea Ceremony (60mins)

Authentic Tea Ceremony by TeaMaster

Autumn Colors (November)

Kyoto Sakura (April)


Winter Special (January)


Kyoto Summer Cool Kibune (Aug)

Maiko Sunset Private Tour

Enjoy special private time with Maiko in Gion * Traditional Dance & Japanese Harp performance by Maiko / Green tea & Gion game together with Maiko (20:00-21:30)


Kyoto Local Sake

Takao Riverbank Dinner Summer Cool Plan (17:15-20:00) until 28th of Sep

Kaiseki Dinner & Maiko Dancing * Shuttle bus service from Kyoto station/major Hotel's lobby

Arashiyama Local Food (Kobayashi)

Katsu Donburi (Rice Bowl with cooked egg and Pork as topping)

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