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Thank you for your kind feedback about my guide! Each guide has given me a beautiful and unforgettable memory in my life. Thank you!

Quotes Hey, Satoko How's it going? I can't believe it's been like 1 year since I met you in Kyoto. Time does fly. I love all of your photos, and I can't help admiring your energy and devotion for the touring job. How could you be that energetic? I almost would have believed that tour guiding is your life-time job. I don't believe that I've sent any proper 'Thank you' email to you, and I apologize for that. Now that I look back, I'm really grateful that you were kind enough to spend your precious weekend to help us enjoy Kyoto. Even though, I haven't said to you so far, but ever since that tour in Kyoto with you, I've recommended you to all of my friends who want to go travel Kyoto. You are an amazing Kyoto girl, even though you don't live in Kyoto, but in Osaka. ;) I believe that your love for Kyoto is uncomparable to any one. Thank you again for the wonderful memory, and hope to see you again in Kyoto someday. Best, Jisun Quotes
From Korea

Quotes Satoko: Thank you for the lovely photographs. I must say that you are a talented photographer, besides being a most valuable guide. No wonder you are so popular as a guide! It was hot in Kyoto, but as your beautiful pictures show, it was a wonderful experience for our family. I am quite sure that we would need to visit again, in a different season, when the sights would bring a whole new surroundings. It may be still hot in Kansai, but you can look forward to a lovely autumn and a clear winter. Unfortunately, we will be still in summer. Take care and warm regards, Quotes
from Philippine

Quotes Good morning, Satoko: We are finally back in Manila after the holidays in Japan and Korea. I just wanted to thank you for the kind guidance rendered to me and my family for a very memorable tour of Kyoto. It was a trip full of fond memories and that would not have been possible without your expert and gracious guidance. Once again, thank you very much and please let me know if you are heading to Manila in the future. Take care and warmest regards, Quotes
From Korea

Quotes Satoko!!!!! what great memories!!!!!!! we are back in argentina with the cold weather and all! vietnam was very interesting and different. we have not put our pictures in order yet but when we do i'll send you a link so you can see some pictures thank you so much for the album you put together....the photos are great and it really reminds us of a great day with you in kyoto. the people in your job sound wonderful it's great to hear from you you are so sweet and vibrant...thanks for keeping in touch! maria Quotes
from Argentina

Quotes Thanks so much for sending the photos! I haven't opened the file tho but will definitely do so later! I'll also forward this to my aunt. Hiring the taxi for our tour was perfect as it was raining; making it smoother for us to travel. They also brought umbrellas for us so we were able to walk around very well. And yes! We enjoyed the yakitori restaurant very much! It was very funny bec we did not think we were hungry but ended up ordering so much food! We were famished! It was a great experience :-) The warabi-Mochi was ordered by the wonderful ladies at shiraume. We ate it only once we got home and it was still yummy! Oishi desu! We really have wonderful memories of Kyoto and have you to thank for :-) Hopefully we get to go back for a longer tour. Thanks again satoko and have a great week ahead! Michelle :-) Quotes
Michelle part2
from Philippine

Quotes Hi Satoko, We wanted to thank you once again for showing us around in Kyoto and for getting an inside view of Japanese culture! We really enjoyed discussing with you and having Japanese pizza! ;-) After 3 days in Matsushima and 2 more days in Tokyo we are now back in Paris and enjoying a lazy Sunday! ;-) Thanks again, Quotes
Anita & Mathieu
from France

Quotes Hi Satoko-san, We arrived back in Manila last night. We'd like to thank you again for being our guide while we were in Kyoto last Thursday. In the following day, we rent a driver as you recommend . The drivers were also very good guides. We didn't have time to go to the Okonomiyaki restaurant near Kinkakuji temple you suggested, but they took us to one at the mall near Nijo Station. Oishi desu! We had a great time in Kyoto, and really appreciate your role in making it a memorable holiday. Warmest regards, Michelle Quotes
from Philippine

Quotes Dear Satoko Our apologies for being so late in writing to thank you for guiding us so well on our visit to Kyoto . We seem to have been very busy since arriving home but have thought of you many times, as we have been sorting out our many photos. We were lucky indeed to find you on the internet and to have you show us around that very interesting and attractive city. Our first day with you in Kyoto was a great introduction not only to the beautiful sights but also into the history of the city and an introduction to Japanese culture as well as how to manage the public transport etc. Your excellent guide notes ensured we found our way around on days two and three? the travel instructions were easy to follow so we had no wasted time being lost. We followed your plan on day three and after the shrine and Tori Gates on the lower part of Fushimi we went on to visit Nara . We walked from the JR station to Nara Park and through the park lanterns to the temple Quotes
Ted and Ngaire
from USA
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