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Thank you for your kind feedback about my guide! Each guide has given me a beautiful and unforgettable memory in my life. Thank you!

Quotes We would like to say thank so much to Ms.Satoko. She is really nice, and very helpfull, especially when we got α little trouble during tour. We're suggest to choose Ms.Satoko be α guide when you're in Kyoto. We're satisfaction to Ms.Satoko as our guide. Thank you very much,maybe next travel to Japan again, will contact her. TQ Quotes
Tan CC
From Singapore 02 Jan 2011

Quotes Dear Satoko, Thanks a lot for your useful help during our stay in Kyoto. We have had a wonderful time in Japan. You are a perfect guide! We enjoyed a lot the whole day with you in Kyoto: the mountain train tour, the visits (temples, castle, gardens.. ) and the lunch. What a great day! I have attached some photos, I hope you like them. Following your advice, we went to Hikone the day after. We visited the Museum, the Castle and the Garden. It?s really worthy to do so. We had fun and liked the site a lot (what a view of Biwa lake!). Again, thanks a lot for your help. We won?t forget these magnificent days in Japan. I hope you have liked the Gran Canaria's book. Best wishes and regards from my family. Guide Gallery >>> Quotes
From Spain, Oct, 28th 2010

Quotes Thanks for the guiding day you spent with us. We allready saw your pics on your facebook. My wife will put some of ouir pics on her facebook site too!!!! Tea ceremony and Autumn collors on rokko mountain in Kobe were so wonderful. Yes! we see you aqain on our next trip too japan. will let you know by then! Everyday life here so cold, but ok for us!! You know here in holland is -6 degrees and white snow on the streets!!!!! greetings from Holland Quotes
John and Veny
from Holland

Quotes Dear Satoko, Hope you are doing fine and had a nice week. We are enjoying enourmously our vacation - sumo was just super authentic experience, rest of Kyoto visits was fantastic too (Golden temple is just amazing), and Tokyo is also quite amazing city -even under the terrible weather.. Thank you very much again for the wonderful day we had a week ago! Please dont hesitate to tell me whether you would like us to post the recommendations on your behalf on any internet site. I shall be also very greatful if you could kindly send us the photos (especially from the evening), but I know it takes time so there is no urgency of course. Take a good care of yourself. With our very best wishes Quotes
Charna, Yuri, Yaron and Miki
From Switzerland

Quotes Hi Satoko, Thank you so much for your guiding. Our Japan trip continue to be such a special topic amongst our family and friends. In fact, my parents are now looking forward to visiting Osaka in the fall ! :) Quotes
From Philippine

Quotes Dear Satoko, Here we are again to our everyday routine, after our fantastic trip to Japan. We were enchanted by the fantastic nature, the unique combination of modern architecture and old art, but above all by the deep politeness of the people. We have enjoyed very much the day we spent together. We thank you very much. We found very useful everything you told us and showed to us. The following days, we have been to Nara, to Hiroshima and Miyajima, to Mount Koya and then back to Tokyo, where we have spent the two last days. Everything was fantastic. We hope to be able to repeat it in the future. We hope you do well. Take care Quotes
Maria and Kostas
from Greece

Quotes Dear Satoko, thank you very much for the guide in Kyoto. We enjoyed SO much our trip in Japan that I started taking japanese cooking lessons here in London!!! We really loved your country and I hope to visit it again in a less hot period... ;o) October must be really magic in Kyoto. I'm so happy you enjoy the Italian coffee! For me its parfume represents morning! I wish you a lovely day, Elena Quotes
Elena and Marco
From Italy

Quotes Dear Satoko san, First of all thanks for your guiding we had fantastic day in Kyoto. We learnt a lot about the history and we saw lot of beautiful things. The pictures are nice, can we download them? We come back to Japan at the beginning of November I hope we can meet again and you can show us other beauties of Japan. Best regards Quotes
From Hungary

Quotes Dear Satoko, thank you very much for your help during our visit to Kyoto. Your English is great and the tour was perfectly organised. I am sending you a photo from it. Thanks once more! Quotes
From Poland

Quotes Hi, Satoko, Our trip back to Spain was well. It was a pity leave Japan , but?. Was fascinating meeting you in Kyoto . We were lucky that you were our guide. As you know, we were one day and a half, but didn?t stop. On Sunday morning we were for walking in Philosopher path, One thousand tori and shopping area. Everything was fantastic. We ate enough food in the restaurant and we enjoyed a lot both Thousand torii and Philosopher path. It was a great time in Japan and I hope come back some day. Thanks for everything, Satoko. and we hope see you in Spain soon. I'm waiting your pictures. Best regars. Alex Quotes
8 tourists from Spain
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