Torokko Train Torokko Train Torokko Kameoka Station Very beautiful countryside station. 185024630 Train Arriving!!! Exciting moment... 185024631 cool steam locomotive design 185024152 view from the train Please noted: This is sample image, you can't put your hand or head for picture like this from the window. 185024124 Hozu river and Hozu valley view The views along the line change with the seasons. 185024442 The particularly popular season is during the autumn color from mid November to early December when the leaves along the ravine change color. 185024448 Shigaraki-Yaki These statues are made of ceramic ware. They are lucky Tanuki (racoon dogs) families, welcoming you at Hozukyo station. 185024449 Houseboat in Hozu river What a beautiful view. 185024450 Torokko Arashiyama station Get off and move on to Bamboo forest!! 185024451